There’s another side of the story you might not be aware of

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Rus32 via Canva.

One person’s perspective is never the full truth.

What you perceive goes through your own personalized set of mental and emotional filters before your brain comes up with a possible perspective of what just happened in front of your eyes. That means what you see and experience can be similar but can never be identical to another bystander’s perspective.

So instead of jumping to conclusions or assuming your perspective is correct or better, be open-minded and have the curiosity to hear someone else’s perspective. …

…and it can be quite powerful one as well.

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by seb_ra via Canva.

When you do something nice for someone else, have you ever gotten a curious look of disbelief and have your motive questioned?

It seems like acts of kindness with no ulterior motives are so rare that people get caught off guard, and question: “what’s in it for you to do this for me?” Some have been burned by others when kindness has been used as a ploy.

Ugh! It sucks that kindness has been viewed and leveraged like that.

Be the reason why someone smiles and believes in kindness again. Make kindness your motivator in life. …

…and nothing but the truth

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by THEPALMER via Canva.

Lies, even white ones, are inherently hiding something. But once you’re caught in the lie, it can totally backfire on you. So in a difficult situation, choose to tell the whole truth. It is a kindness. It is saying what needs to be heard even when it’s the hardest or could lead to some undesirable results. A white lie might seem like a good idea at the moment as it holds back potential pain, but that pain is inevitable. It’s best to let the pain surface quickly like ripping off a bandaid, and allow the healing to happen soon after.

Just because it’s not an immediate blunt force doesn’t mean it’s not effective at all

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by fstop123 via Canva.

Being kind, compassionate, and tolerant are often perceived as weaknesses. Since there is such a good, giving, and patient aspect to them, others could take advantage of that, so people assume that those are weak qualities.

However, think of how much love, understanding, and forgiveness one must possess in order to have that level of kindness. It takes a lot of strength to continue giving and loving in that manner when others would’ve given up already.

Think of Mother Teresa, who is considered one of the 20th century’s greatest humanitarians who gave her life caring for the sick and the…

…not to anyone else, not even to yourself

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Dean Drobot via Canva.

In the news, negativity sells—ladened with crimes, tragedies, inequalities, dramas, failures, and other types of bad news galore. Apparently, we’re drawn to it due to “negativity bias”, which is a term psychologists use to describe our inclination to seek and more easily recall negative things in comparison to neutral or positive ones. It evolved from our instinctual need to avoid danger and respond quickly to potential threats.

Then this seeps into our conversations…

I want you to think back and determine how often are your own or other people’s conversations are filled with complaints about something happening in their life…

So what will you do today to make an impact?

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Mkovalevskaya via Canva.

According to Eckhart Tolle in his book The Power of Now, there is no past, nor is there a future. There is only now. You are living in your now, and this moment will never happen again. So consider how you are spending your time, what actions you’re taking, and who are you being at this very moment.

What you do in the now continues to lay the foundation of who you become in the next moment.

So make the choice to be better, more loving, more caring, and more kindhearted. Choose to truly connect with others. In a time…

Still haven’t cut your hair since the pandemic started? Perfect, this article is for you.

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by puhhha via Canva.

Think of those who have lost their hair due to an illness or trauma they have experienced, and now imagine the impact you can make by providing them with real hair to wear as a wig.

This makes a huge difference for them as studies have shown that losing their hair makes them feel physically sicker, psychologically distressed, and affects their self esteem and body image drastically. Their hair loss is a constant reminder of the challenging fight their body is going through.

Fortunately, there are several nonprofit organizations created with this act of kindness in mind. Most often, these…

…even though the world likes to judge you by what you have.

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Snapwire via Canva.

Society commonly judges us by what we possess as a sign of “success”—by having lots of money, you can buy and own whatever your heart desires. But let me ask you, is it really what you desire? Or are you being influenced by the latest trends, being marketed to, and fooled into keeping up with the Joneses?

We end up spending so much of our time making the money to spend the money to feel like we aren’t falling behind compared to our peers. …

No multitasking. No wandering thoughts. No thinking of your follow-up response. Just listen.

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Daria Zaseda via Canva.

In this current world with everything vying for your precious attention, giving someone your complete focus is becoming a rare commodity. “Complete focus” means that you are fully engaged in the conversation — not getting distracted by your phone, not breaking eye contact when you see or hear something in the background, or not getting caught up in the thoughts in your head as the other person is talking. You are acting as if they are the most interesting thing in the world at that moment. Put your phone away. The person in front of you is now the only…

…even when it doesn’t even matter (because it DOES matter).

Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Gam1983 via Canva.

Embody kindness because that is who you are. Do it regardless of who is around to see you or who that recipient is. Do it regardless of what others would think or whether or not they’ll acknowledge what you did.

True kindness isn’t a chess piece for an ulterior motive or done for show to elicit some sort of praise. It is done even when you think it doesn’t matter.

Do it because you are inspired to and that it feels right. Do it because it’s just who you are at your core.

Kindness always matters—no matter how small or…

Kat Nieh

Mindset coach writing about improving your mindset, relationship with yourself & others, and kindness | Adventure seeker | Curious rabbit hole diver

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