Kat Nieh
Clarity coach writing about improving your mindset, relationship with yourself & others, and kindness | Adventure seeker | Curious rabbit hole diver

It’s always the action that truly counts

Don’t get me wrong. Intentions are powerful. Strong, clear intentions fuel the deeper why to your desires. The greater the intention, the more resilient you are to the challenges you encounter. However, the origin of an intention is still a thought. They are just possibilities. …

Show your appreciation. Let them know what they do makes a difference.

Most commonly, mediocre service is provided or expected. So when someone does an amazing job, acknowledge them by giving them a generous tip. Reward them for taking the initiative to assist you promptly, address you courteously, or make your experience more enjoyable.

Share your recognition by complimenting them generously, too…

Holding onto grudges doesn’t do you any good

If an apology is for others, then forgiveness is for yourself. (This was a follow up realization after that initial rude awakening.) When you forgive yourself, you are bestowing a truly precious gift that is so healing.

Imagine carrying a backpack where you put in rocks of various sizes depending…

It’s your love, attention, and presence that is needed.

I admit I am a problem solver. My mind can quickly shift into that mode and search for solutions. Even though it’s coming from a place of wanting to help, there are times when a solution isn’t what’s needed.

It’s more about your presence, your attention, and your love, especially…

…while the effects of politeness and courtesy quickly fade

According to Tony Robbins, we have 6 core needs that fundamentally drive and motivate all human behavior: certainty, variety, love, significance, growth, and contribution. The actions and results from kindness feed into 3 of these 6 core needs:

  • You are contributing to others by creating a sense of service as…

Kat Nieh

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