Yes, you can do this even with your mask on.

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Jess Wealleans via Canva.

We are feeling more isolated, lonely, and disconnected than ever (thanks to the pandemic and technology). Here’s a result: It can feel quite… awkward… when you make eye contact with a stranger and smile at them. (Ack!)

Our minds worry about worst case scenarios or conjure up fearful stories as to what the other person could think about us. All of that discourages us from connecting with others in person, so we avoid eye contact, rush by quicker, or hide behind our phones.

Or *clearing throat* are you using mask-wearing and social distancing as excuses not to connect at all?

All you have to do is follow your inspirations and take action.

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by inspireme via Canva.

You have permission to execute an act of kindness of any size to make a difference in someone else’s life, regardless if you’re there to witness it or not.

Just because you didn’t personally experience the effects doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Plus, the effects don’t need to follow immediately either as your actions could’ve planted a seed for future reaping.

Remember, the best acts of kindness are the ones given without expecting reciprocity. That includes receiving personal benefits of any kind––and in this case, a reaction to prove its worth.

So if you need some sort of encouragement to…

Have some fun with it, and bring one that represents you!

There are so many cool, pretty, compact, functional, or (insert your own adjective here) options for reusable bags nowadays. You can easily leave one in your car, carry one in your bag, or fit it into your pocket.

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Opheliax via Canva.

Why use one? Well, you are…
(1) Helping out the environment by using fewer resources.
(2) Reducing the amount of stuff in your home and trash.
(3) Saving money if you’re in a state that charges you for bags (hey, those 10¢ do add up).

Why have one that represents you? Because you can… (4) Inject some fun and your personality into…

Don’t wait until later…

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by kiddy0265 via Canva.

“Later” means your hesitation becomes a missed opportunity. “Later” turns into “never” because you forgot about it.

You had that brilliant lightbulb moment to be kind, so do it exactly when it strikes as you never know how soon it would become… too late.

We are all connected energetically, and your unconscious mind is quite observant (it's capable of processing approximately 11 million bits per second compared to the conscious mind, which can only handle approximately 50 bps). …

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Akshay Nayak via Canva.

Show someone you care about that they matter…

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by stsvirkun via Canva.

Be the reason that someone else still believes…

You don’t have to wait until spring to spring clean your closet.

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Irina Shpiller via Canva.

Dig deep and see what kind of treasures you can find for others.

Do you have clothes in your closet that still have the tags on, you’ve barely worn, or you’re keeping “just in case”?

Well, it’s time to let them go… because obviously, you don’t need them if you haven’t worn them in 2–3 years.

Clearing your closet creates space for better things to come into your life, and by donating these clothes, you can offer someone else something they could love and wear. …

Do it because you don’t want anything in return besides the joy you derive from being able to give to another human being.

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by ohishiistk via Canva.

Do it because it’s who you are—at your core.

Oftentimes, people hold back because they’re calculating in their heads, consciously or unconsciously: “If I did this now for this person, what would I get in return after?” or “I’d expect to get this from them later.”

…and how much disappointment has come from those internal negotiations when you don’t get what you’ve expected?

…and on the flip side, how many times have you experienced someone getting mad at you for something you didn’t know you didn’t do?

You can’t control other people’s thoughts or actions, so simply do it because…

Saying words of gratitude doesn’t cost you anything while it could mean a lot to the receiver of your appreciation.

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Gaby Barathieu via Canva.

Share something specific that you appreciate about them. Express how they’ve made an impact on you. Tell them words they haven’t heard a while or might need to hear at this moment.

You don’t have to wait for a particular situation to deliver words of appreciation, compliments, or even friendly greetings.

It just needs to genuinely come from your heart.

So go on and distribute them like free candy! 🍬🍭

We oftentimes assume they already know, or — worst case—have been taking them for granted. …

It’s needed more now than ever.

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Graphic by Kat Nieh (author). Photo by Chen Liu via Canva.

You have an infinite amount of love and compassion to give to others (and yourself). It’s merely a choice. There is a difference between “not having enough” versus “not willing to give it”.

Unfortunately, most people mean the latter.

The world needs more of both. People have the what’s-in-it-for-me mindset, and wait for others to give first before they’re willing to give themselves.

Do the opposite.

Give your love and compassion generously to those around you — whether you know them or not and whether you think they need it or not.

That selfless act of kindness transforms both the…

Kat Nieh

Mindset coach revitalizing workaholics - Adventure seeker - Personal growth-aholic - Curious rabbit hole diver

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